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Philippines, it's our turn to 'Dream a dream'

Thursday, April 30, 2009 The Philippine Star Business
 Philippines, it's our turn to 'Dream a dream'
 Joey Conception by Joey Concepcion

The first time I watched 
Susan Boyle in YouTube , I said to myself, what a perfect comparison to the Philippines and its people. If only through this example, Filipinos will start to realize that we have prejudged our own country, then maybe this could spark a change in attitude and bring about greater confidence and ‘malasakit’ for the future of this country.  

Last week’s column, I dreamed a dream for the Philippines, was one of the most interesting columns I have managed to write. A fellow columnist in Philippine Star, Babes Romualdez, sent me a note, saying that it was a great column. I got a call from Peter Favila. He was with PGMA at that time, and they congratulated me for the column. So many others also extended their congratulations. This is why I thought it would be best to turn the column into an advocacy ad. Through this, I would like to try to see if we can bring about people to give their thoughts on the Philippines’ turn to dream a dream. 

For the past four years of our advocacy, we have been sharing the advocacy of an attitude change with our viewers on TV and the audience who attend our caravans, teaching sessions, forums, and summits. We have long campaigned for a change in attitude among many kababayans.  We basically teach the GoNegosyo mindset change, which is to be enterprising. Not everybody can become entrepreneurs, but everybody can become enterprising in whatever they do. To be enterprising, one must love his country. An enterprising individual must be an optimist, must have the passion, must be hard working and must be persevering.  

While the whole world faces an economic recession, the Philippines has somehow performed much better than the rest. Although our budget deficit seems to be increasing, I guess we can allow some leeway, as most governments around the world are spending more to stimulate demand and help cushion the recessions in their respective countries. The key though is how the money is spent. For as long as it is spent for projects that create a multiplier effect in creating more negosyo opportunities, then it serves its purpose. For example, money is best spent in airports set in areas that have the best tourism potential or more roads that will enhance not only tourism but will also give access to farmers to have products transported to the markets at lower costs. I believe PGMA is trying to do this. It would be great for them to keep advising the people on the progress of each project.  

This weekend another dream may be fulfilled. Who would have thought that Manny Pacquiao – an amateur boxer from GenSan - would reach this level of stardom? The Pacquiao-Hatton fight reminds me of the Ali- Frazier ‘Thrilla in Manila’. I was just in my teens when I watched that fight in Araneta Coliseum. This time, I will get the chance to witness Manny’s next fight as I take my family vacation this month. Manny Pacquiao is our endorser for Vitwater. He has indeed been an inspiration to many Filipinos. He has actually helped create awareness for the Philippines, as he achieves milestones in his boxing career. Hopefully, people will now know that we do not live in trees. Win or lose, Pacman would achieve his dream. This is important for many Filipinos. We should dream, even how impossible it may seem.  

Let the movement for an attitude change bring about a more enterprising Filipinos. This is what GoNegosyo wants to achieve. Join us in spreading the good news on positive change. Send me your inspiring story or that of your friend’s. These stories are sources of strength and hope that our dreams may be achieved one day…


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